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Words From C.E.O

In The Name of ALLAH the most merciful , The most kind. First of all many thanks to ALLAH then Parents for praying for our good and with the help of Teachers and instructors It wasn’t possible to establish such a great organization. Many Thanks to our valuable clients who supported us by their experiences and feedback and as well as our friends who supported us in many aspects for establishing this organization. This organization deals with all kinds of social & business issues infect our slogan is to make your business 10 times better and improved whenever you use our services and products. GZ in GZ Technologies means a golden zero and golden zero means the zero that increases the value 10 times when you put it in the right side of any digit. It converts your 1 to 10 and 10 to 100 and so on.


GZ Technologies is a leading organization which provides the consultancy regarding all aspects of any type of business. Established in December-2004 and working since then. We have a large number of well known clients in our portfolio. We have a team of well qualified and highly experienced people in all trades. We are dealing in following trades.


  • Information Technologies
    • Software Development
    • Web Development & Hosting
    • Services Regarding Software & Websites
    • Computer Networking (DNS,Email,File server, Print servers) etc.
    • Computer Hardware Supplies
    • Computer Hardware Services Regarding any kind of Repair & Maintenance
    • Server Machines
    • CCTV Cameras Installation & Services
    • Supplies and services regarding Printers, Lcds, Motherboards etc.
  • Social Compliances
    • I.S.O
    • B.S.C.I
    • SEDEX
    • W.R.A.P
    • All types of C.O.C audits i.e. wall mart, ash city, family dollar etc.
    • Technical & Quality related Compliances
  • Banking & Finance & Taxation
    • Consultancy Regarding Accounts & Finance
    • Consultancy Regarding Banking & issues regarding banks.
    • Taxation (Income Tax, Sales Tax, FED, etc.)
    • Many Well known Consultancy & Law firms are associated with us.




  • Sayyed Ghulam Dastageer Shah
    • Our Most Senior Represantitive.
    • Executive Related to I.T services & Education
    • World Wide Experience in Software Development
    • Works with Oracle Databases
    • The best Teacher & Instructor Regarding Software Development (Oracle)
  • Rana Shabbir Ahmed
    • Executive Related to Education Services
    • Principal of our Education Department
    • World Wide Experience in Engineering (ALUMINIUM)
    • Expert in Web & Office Documentation
    • The Best Teacher & Instructor Regarding Office Management & Applications and web.
  • Muhammad Shahid Mughal
    • C.E.O and Project Manager
    • Executive Related to Software Development Department
    • Executive Related to Social Compliances Consultancy
    • Has Good Experience in Software World and Compliances.
    • Works With Oracle Databases , DoT NeT, Web Development
    • Good Collaboration with staff & Management and Clients.
  • Hamza Shabbir
    • Director / Project Manager
    • Executive Related to Computer Hardware & Networking Department
    • Electronics Engineer
    • Experienced person working since 2002 in the field.
    • Hardware Repair , CCTV Cameras and Server Machine’s Expert. Etc.
  • Muhammad Nadeem
    • Executive Related to Banking & Finance and Taxation
    • Well Experienced Consultant
    • Good Lawyer
    • Have Charted Accountants Team to work with him


List of Clients

We have over 500 Clients all over Pakistan regarding every sector. Some of them are listed below.


  • Chawla Group of Industries (Pvt) Ltd. (Lahore)
  • Ihsan Cotton Products (Pvt) Ltd. (Raiwind Lahore)
  • Shahbaz Garments (Pvt) Ltd. (MIDAS Group) Faisalabad
  • Sufi Weaving Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Zafar Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd. (Faisalabad)
  • The Liver Centre (DHQ Hospital Faisalabad)
  • Pak Junior School System Faisalabad
  • Pak Shaheen Roller Flour Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Fresh Ghee Mills Karachi.
  • Dawood Exports (Pvt) Ltd. (Faisalabad)
  • Jillani & Cuttworks (Pvt) Ltd. (Lahore)
  • Five Star International (Pvt) Ltd. (Faisalabad)
  • Dummer Flour Mills (Pvt) Ltd. (Faisalabad)
  • Progressive Textiles (Pvt) Ltd. (Faisalabad)
  • Fresh Food Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. (Faisalabad)